4 Types Of Social Media Content That Attracts High Engagement

Are you looking for the unquestionable facts about social media content strategy? With the help of this blog post, you can learn about how to develop an attractive social copy. Irrespective of the type of business you own, the goal of social media marketing is to push your target audience closer to the purchase decision. Keeping this in mind, our Digital Marketing Agency’s social media department has come up with the following types of social media content.



Responsive and Interaction Demanding Content


This type of content triggers the immediate response in the form of likes or comments. You can develop an interesting quiz question, ask for an opinion by ending your content with a question mark. It is a simple way to trigger the response from the viewer's point of view. You can also post interactive forms to build a friendly connection with the audience. Include some polls, contests, and Q&As to the list. Let your content marketing team start working on this part.



Short E-Books Is Powerful


Identify the most demanding questions from your target audience and develop an excellent e-book copy. Ask their contact information in return of providing value. With the help of e-book, you can get leads from organic as well as paid campaigns. As a result, introduce the new audience to the conversion funnel intelligently. Narrate successful stories in the first page so that you make the prospects curious about your brand. If you find a proven way to generate leads from e-books, then outsource the job to a content agency.     



Statistics and Research-Based Content


Your content must trigger the emotions out of the readers. You can do this by including the social proof in the form of research data. You need not do research thesis to develop this type of social media content. You can refer it from top leading companies and give a credit to them. Make the viewers laugh and surprised. Let them pour the emotions out in the form of social media reactions. Additionally, you can also include some quotes based content here. It captivates your followers interest like magic.  



Create Visually Appealing Content


To make your content memorable, create some attractive videos and images. Videos are working the best in 2019 social media marketing and will turn out to be best in future. You can also embed the memes which highlight the humor out of your brand. Try to explain the complex concepts using simple visuals. It helps you to grab the attention of your audience in the crowded social media market place.    


Final Words


Check for the use of right tags and hashtags that describes your brand, product or service. It enhances your organic reach. Focus on developing social media content as per the business goals. It is always better to keep the set of Content Writing Samples ready. You can ask the team members to refer the samples and develop a similar content strategy for your clients. As mentioned above, when you have a proven content strategy ready, it is easy to boost conversions.   



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5 Unique Ways To Build The Brand Awareness


When a brand becomes popular, it has a tendency to replace the generic term. Have you ever observed people ask for coca-cola instead of cool drinks? In order to make this happen to your brand, do start planning for effective brand awareness strategies. At our Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore, we have helped business to build a winning online brand. Based on the results we obtained, here is the list of unique ways which you can also start implementing.


Leverage the Concept Of Referral Programs


When you offer a remarkable offer for each referral from your customers, they will be happy to take up the opportunity. Uber is a very well known example. For every new referral, they give you 25 INR offer for the next 3 consecutive rides. This works out like magic. This type of strategy triggers the word of mouth among your target audience. As a result, you end up spending much lesser on other advertisement budgets.


Develop Impressive Guest Blogs


Search for the website that suits your product or service and develop an impressive blog content. Propose the website owner with your blog content. If you maintain the quality then he/she definitely accept the posts. It is a win-win strategy for both businesses. However, you must plan the content well. You will reach a whole new set of the audience through the blog post. Maintain the high-quality content and expect the long-lasting relationships with the new audience.



Good Looking and Informative Infographic


Infographic owns the unique style of representing the information. Also, the interested people would love to share your infographic if designed attractively. It promotes your brand and showcases your absolute thought leadership in the industry. There is a possibility of getting thousands of shares and gaining high-quality backlinks.


Ask for Local Partnerships      


Search for the local businesses with whom you can collaborate with. You can build the winning proposal plan to approach such businesses. This is prominently helpful for local businesses. However, it has proved to be beneficial for other businesses. You can ask for a joint introduction in the local events. As a result, it improves your brand awareness. You can also opt for donating to the local charity firms. Get talking about your brand at the festivals and local events. It shoots your local presence.     


Conduct Social Media Contests


Roll out the creative and engaging social media contests. You can ask the participants to tag your brand, share photo or video, or tag their friend's name. Aspiring to win in the contest, the contestant tends to follow the rules sincerely. On the other hand, you will be able to build an amazing brand presence.  



Final Words


As per the inference from the Best Digital Marketing Companies in India, we have listed the above important and economical ways of brand building. If you find any of it as an interesting tip, we will be happy to help you. Take a look and post your opinions in the comment section below. I wish you all the best to build a super brand in a short time. If you know any other way to build a brand, let me know through your comments.







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Why Every Small Business Must Own the Content Marketing Strategy?


A lot of small business owners come up with the same question to us. We being the top digital marketing agency in Bangalore explain the benefits of having a content strategy in place. In this blog post, we have explained how businesses can expect good ROI by sticking on to a systematic content marketing plan. Moreover, you will not need a ton of money to implement the same. It is the best way to grab your target audience attention. Here is the list of benefits:


Increased Return On Investment


If you hire freelance content writers or a full-time employee, you will spend a lot less than any other marketing techniques. As per the research conducted by content marketing institute, the content marketing is likely to cost 62% less than other tactics. It is not only available at reduced costs but generates 3 times better leads. All these new leads are obtained from genuine traffic. On the other hand, your genuine website visitors might share your content. Ultimately, you develop a great brand reputation.


Promote Yourself Without Actually Selling


Basically, the good content makes your prospects to desperately follow you on social media channels. The only reason is they love to hear from you. In turn, they are open to all the promotions and offers you make. When you educate your customers about the product or services, the end results will be sales. Even if you do not stress the point of sales, it happens automatically when you impress them. In other words, you are making the market pay attention to your brand.


The possibility of Greater Exposure


The high-quality content has the ability to impress your target market and convince them to share wherever possible. When shared by different people, your brand is exposed to a different set of the market. Once your blog post becomes popular, they continue to be the primary source of traffic for months together. Paid campaigns provide you value until the advertisement is active. This is not a magic but you need a defined strategy in place.



Build The Trust Factor Through Lead Nurturing


With the help of lead nurturing elements, you can get the individual sales and build long term relationship with your customers. Content is the focal point from where your customers start believing you. Encourage the free downloads of personalized content copy. They will automatically come back after reading. In addition, they remember the solutions you provided along with the brand name. This is extremely important in getting recurring sales from website traffic.  



Final Words


There is no single business which can say no to content marketing. When you can drive enormous traffic, develop trust factor, and build a brand from a single point of action. This should be your next digital marketing strategy. Most of the Top Digital Marketing Companies in India suggest you the same technique. If you are planning for long-term business, go for content marketing today!







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How to make money online from content writing?


In this blog post, I will help you figure the best way to earn money online. It is all about writing. Yes! You can make money from web content writing. It is said to be the most demanding profession in the internet industry today. Just remember that you need not have to be a great entrepreneur to own a content writing profession or business. Here, we have researched the information about the importance of content writers in India.


We are a team of experts from Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in India who focus on content development. The research from Statista shows that e-commerce sales increase to $4.88 trillion dollars within 2021. The increase in the number of internet users is a plus point for all the content writer out there. If you are planning to make up the career in the same, you are most welcome. Statista has also proclaimed that 196 million Americans use social media every day.



The opportunity for online entrepreneurs is brilliant in 2019 and onwards. If you understand the key aspect of content writing, you can rule the online world. You would have already read many blog posts like this about making money online. But, this is different. You can choose any of the following paths that suit your needs.  



Do freelancing do corporate clients


Nowadays, corporate companies are looking for solo entrepreneurs to get the video and web content done. Also, they are ready to pay well for the high quality work. These companies expect you to write the blog posts, articles, social media posts, newsletters, short e-books, and much more. You can fix the per word charge. Make sure you do not charge too high. At the same time, cheap rates will not bring you any success. In India, you can charge somewhere between 40 paise to 1 Re per word based on the experience you hold.



However, corporate can afford to pay you in the above-mentioned range. You can apply for these opportunities in freelancing websites and job portal sites. When you know the company needs you, go ahead and make a cold pitch. Let them know why hiring your services is an economical choice. Also, explain to them in terms of productivity. It can definitely be an appealing copy to the companies. You can also search for the marketing directors of a company in LinkedIn and pitch them your proposal.  


Write For Your Own Online Platform


It is evidently found that billions of visitors are captured by the online publication in today’s internet era. So, you can build your own blogging platform. Choose your niche and start delivering valuable content. Start building your online audience with the help of social media. Once you attain steady traffic to your blogging website, start promoting your own courses, e-books, podcasts, video courses, etc. Get ready with the platform and start making money from your own blogging website.





From the above information, it is clear that you can earn money online from writing in two distinct ways. You can either work for a corporate as a freelance writer or build your own blogging community. There are some passionate content writers who do both and generate multiple sources of income. Being the best digital marketing company in Bangalore, we have helped the candidates with practical training sessions.    


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8 Killer Ways to Market Your Small Business With Limited Budget


In the initial days of business, marketing cost seems to be a big headache to manage. Stop worrying now! I have got the killer ways you can implement right from today. Compared to traditional marketing, internet marketing techniques are cost-effective and measurable.

1. Create an attractive Pitch

Once you start a new business, marketing becomes a major part of your work. So, it is always better to keep the well-structured sales pitch ready. But how do you prepare it? Where do you start from? Psychology experts say that an average adult has the attention span of 6 to 8 seconds only. Just imagine how crisp your sales pitch should be! You have only this time to attract your target audience. When you successfully keep them engaged, you will have more chances to generate sales. As a whole, make sure to invest considerable time in order to prepare an elevator pitch.

2. Make perfect use of the community

Stop overthinking and plan for utilizing the power of your local community. To begin with, you can just brainstorm about the happenings in your community. If possible, make some miniature sponsorships and win the hearts of your community. Get the relevant bookmarks printed and keep for the regular use in the local library. In other words, just make physical things appear in all the places where your target audience seems to be present. As a result, get in front of your customer with the right marketing message.


3. Collaboration Is Vital

Try to collaborate with the group of individuals or companies with whom you share similar interests. Make sure they belong to the non-competitive group other than your business. In addition, they must also mutually agree to cross promote your business. Some ways available are social media platforms, coupons, and fliers. The prominent advantage is you will get an opportunity to reach new audience and expand the customer base.

4. Key is Networking

Talk to new people as much as possible. Do not be shy anymore. Just keep on networking! This is the best way of building the business I ever trusted upon. Remember that networking does not give you instant results. You need an absolute time commitment. On the other hand, a strong network serves as a major business asset. Implement this strategy from today. Keep thinking about what you can tell to shake hands with new people.


5. Try to Grab Public Speaking Opportunity

I have personally observed that a lot of people hate public speaking because of stage fear. As a matter of fact, there are a plethora of companies looking for real subject matter experts who can deliver sound knowledge to their community. Neglect all other negative thoughts and volunteer from today. Think that the valuable information you share is extremely helpful to the audience. Once you get to practice, it helps you to build thought leadership and credibility in your business. Again, this is the best element a business owner can have.

6. Create Publicity Buzz

All of us have to agree that the way business functions have completely transformed due to the technology innovations. Trust me, a small business can accomplish a great marketing campaign without even hiring professional services. Get into the community of press releases, offer them your knowledge on industry and share your experience. On the other hand, they will be willing to publish your article.

7. Do not neglect the power of referrals

 Do not feel hesitant while asking for customer referrals, After networking, referrals seem to be the greatest asset for business. As per the experts say, 80% percent of the customers are willing to refer after being asked for. Referrals make the process of fetching a new customer easy. Start asking from today so that you will not miss the golden opportunity.

8. Build long term relationships

Once you finish serving the current customer, do not let him go completely away from you. List some ways to retain the existing customer base. The prominent way is set up an informative, offers and deals based email marketing campaigns. In order to accomplish this, you must record the email addresses of all the customers who visit your store. As a result, you can keep the mail copies informative and professional.



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